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Irish Open

An IRT Satellite Event

Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland

Fri 2nd May - Mon 5th  May.




1.   Two games to 15 Tie-Breaker to 11.                                             8.   Ladies Singles run on Olympic Format.

2.   Normal IRF & RAI  Rules apply.                                                  9.   Players taking part in this tournament

3.   Ektelon blue racquetballs.                                                                    must be member of the Racquetball

4.   Loser Referees next match.                                                                  Association of Ireland or International

5.   Players may enter a maximum of two                                                  Racquetball Federation.


6.   Players entering two events may be                                            10. Players taking part may be asked to              

      required to play Back to Back.                                                            present themselves for Anti Doping testing

7.   Lensed eye guards are compulsory.                                                  by the Irish Sports Council.


Men’s Events

Ladies Events

Pro/ Am Open Singles


Open Singles (Olympic Format)

Gold Division, Blue Division.

(Guaranteed 3 matches)


Open Doubles


B/C Singles


D/Novice Singles


40+ Singles


Novice Singles


C/D/Novice Doubles


Ladies Doubles






Boy’s Ud 18 Singles.


Girls Ud 18 Singles.


3rd Option.



3rd Option.



Last Day for Entries is:  Fri 27th  April 2003.


Entries To

                                Sheila Neary                                                                                     Michael Barnes

                                The Old Forge                                                                                 Moneylittle

                                South Green                                                                                     Arklow

                                Arklow                                                                                              Co. Wicklow

                                Co. Wicklow                                                                                    Ireland



                            Tel: 353-402-31728                                                                              Tel: 353-402-39592    


Entry Fee €30 for Two Events €15 for one event and Junior players under 18 half price


Entry Form



Name.                                                                                                      Tel. No.                                                                            




I am a member of _________________ Racquetball Club and I agree to be bound by the rules of this competition including the Anti - Doping Regulations of the Racquetball Association of Ireland.


Signed                                                                      Date                         Signed___________________                              

                (Players Signature)                                                                                          (Tournament Official Signature)


The number of entries this year will be limited to 70. (First 70 to enter.)


50% of the profits ( If Any ) from the 2003 Arklow Irish Open will be donated to a

Charity to be decided at a later date.