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Racquetball Association of Ireland

National Doubles Championships

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(Current events in shaded in blue)

Winner                                              Runner up

Mens Open Doubles
1981 M Moss/B O`Connor(Tralee); P McGee/M Jennings(Mayo)
1982 P Duignan/T Hurley(Dublin); P Farmer/J Donovan(Tralee)
1983 M Mulhall/JMcDonald(Kilkenny); P Farmer/C Brosnan(Tralee)
1984 P Duignan/P Hall(Dublin/Oldtown); P Farmer/C Brosnan(Tralee)
1985 P Duignan/T Greenan(Dublin/Cootehill); M Mulhall/A Mulhall(Kilkenny)
1986 J McDonald/A Mulhall(Kilkenny); P Duignan/T Greenan(Dublin/Cootehill)
1987 B Doyle/M Murphy(Arklow); J McDonald/S Hallissey(Kilkenny)
1988 P Duignan/J Gannon(Dublin/Arklow); J Harrington/C Brosnan(Tralee)
1989 C Brosnan/J McDonald(Castleisland/K/knny); M Nagle/M Rowlands(Tralee/Arklow)
1990 M Ryan/O Malone(Cavan); P Duignan/J Gannon(Dublin/Arklow)
1991 P Duignan/J Gannon(Dublin/Arklow); M Murphy/C Slattery(Arklow/Templederry)
1992 J Gannon/M Rowlands(Arklow); P Duignan/A Butler(Dublin/Arklow)
1993 N O`Callaghan/C Slattery(Fermoy/T/derry); J Gannon/M Rowlands(Arklow)
1994 N O`Callaghan/C Slattery(Fermoy/T/derry); A Butler/M Lynch(Arklow/Tralee)
1995 N O`Callaghan/F Jordan(Fermoy/Ballina); J Gannon/S O`Loan(Arklow/Queens)
1996 N O`Callaghan/J Comerford(Fermoy/Kilkenny); W Lawrence/B Morrissey(Fethard)
1997 C Slattery/P Traynor(T/derry/Moylagh); N O`Callaghan/J Comerford(Fermoy/Kilkenny)
1998 S O`Hagan/P Cloney(Fermoy); J Gannon/V Fitzgerald(Arklow)
1999 N O`Callaghan/J Comerford(Fermoy/Kilkenny); M Boyce/L Hughes(Fermoy)
2000 K Jennings/C Slattery(Castlebar/Templederry); N O`Callaghan/J Comerford
2001 K Jennings/C Slattery(Castlebar/Templederry);P Hanley/J Gannon(Fermoy/Arklow)
2002 P Hanley/J Gannon(Griffiths,Dublin/Arklow); K Jennings/N O`Callaghan(Castlebar/Kilkenny)
2003 No Event
2004 Noel O Callaghan/Christy Slattery (Kilkenny)(Templederry); Jimmy Gannon/Kevin Jennings (Arklow/Castlebar)

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Womens Open Doubles
1981 M Duignan/S O`Donnell(Dublin/Tralee); P Jennings/C Donovan(Drummartin/Mitchelstown)
1982 M Duignan/P Jennings(Dublin/Drummartin); V Carolan/O O`Meara(Mitchelstown)
1983 M Duignan/P Jennings(Dublin/Drummartin); A M Whelan/M Cullinane(UCD/Claremorris)
1984 No Event
1985 A M Whelan/W Hackett(UCD/Kilkenny); M Duignan/B Farrell(Dublin)
1986 A M Whelan/J Kennedy(UCD/T-derry); C Kennedy/O Ryan(T-derry/CNN)
1987 M Duignan/A M Whelan(Ballygall/UCD); O Ryan/C Kennedy(CNN/T-derry)
1988 O Ryan/K Curran(CNN/Tralee); A M Whelan/J Kennedy(UCD/T/derry)
1989 M Duignan/B Farrell(Ballygall); A M Whelan/J Kennedy(UCD/T/derry)
1990 O Ryan/C Kennedy(CNN/T/derry); M Duignan/B Farrell(Ballygall)
1991 No Event
1992 M Duignan/B Farrell(Ballygall); P O`Brien/G Byrne(Oldtown/Arklow)
1993 B Brennan/P O`Brien(Fethard/Oldtown); M Duignan/B Farrell (Ballygall)
1994 No Event
1995 No Event
1996 No Event
1997 No Event
1998 No Event
1999 No Event
2000 No Event
2001 No Event
2002 Bernadette Comerford/Susan Neary(Kilenny/Arkow) Elma Gibney/Ailish Gibney(Moylagh)
2003 No Event
2004 No Event

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Mens C/D Doubles
1981 S Heaney/M Tighe(Mayo); B Moriarity/J Quinn(Tralee)
1982 M O`Meara/P Cooke(Mitchelstown); S Heaslip/P Coote(Ennis)
1983 T Cooney/M Cooney(Ballybay); T Murray/S Murray(Templederry)
1984 M Murphy/T Byrne(Arklow); P Winders/G Glancy(Ballymore Eustace)
1985 R Kearney/J Comerford(Callan/K-kenny); S Watters/A Watters(Cavan)
1986 J McGarvey/E Kelly(Oldtown);O Malone/M Ryan(Cavan)
1987 L Barnes/M Barnes(Arklow); J McGarvey/E Kelly(Oldtown)
1988 M Ryan/O Malone(Cavan); C Slattery/ J Stakelum(Templederry)
1989 J McGarvey/E Kelly(Oldtown); M Lawless/M Cooney(Cavan/Ballybay)
1990 C Slattery/ P Kennedy(Templederry); M Barnes/L Barnes(Arklow)
1991 No Event
1992 M Barnes/ L Barnes(Arklow); G Redmond/V Fitzgerald(Arklow)
1993 J McGarvey/L Barnes(Oldtown/Arklow); M Barnes/G Barnes(Arklow)
1994 M Barnes/V Fitzgerald(Arklow); S O`Loan/F Jordan(Queens/Ballina)
1995 Replaced by Mens D & Novice Doubles
1995 P Burke/C Poyntz(Callan); R Sheridan/O Gibney(Moylagh)
1996 Changed to C40+/D/Novice Dbls
1996 E Breen/M Barnes(Arklow)
1997 M Keane Snr/M Keane Jnr(Ballinrobe); P Gavin/K Jennings(Castlebar) 1998 No event
1999 Changed to C/D Doubles
1999 P Clarke/T Cunningham(Kingscourt;T Hickey/D Shanahan(Touraneena/Templederry)
2000 P Benson/J Gibbons(Castlebar);P Keane/D Shanahan(Touraneena/Templederry)
2001 P Ryan/K Brannigan(Griffiths, Dublin); M Barnes/L Byrne(Arklow)
2002 Kieran Brannigan/Steven McMenimen(Dublin/Clones) Pat Keane and Triston Hickey(Touraneena) 2-0
2003 No Event
2004 John Comerford/Kieran Brannigan(Kilkenny/Kingscourt); Mike Haverty/Kevin McNamara(Castlebar)

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Women's C/D Doubles
1983 A Downey/A Downey(Kilkenny); I Ryder/E Murphy(Arklow)
1984 W Hackett/M Walsh(O`Loughlins); J Jennings/L Johnston(Drummartin)
1985 J Jennings/L Johnston(Drummartin); M Quigley/K Brennan(Kilkenny)
1986 No Event
1987 No Event
1988 Peg O`Brien/P O`Brien(Oldtown); E Fitzgerald/K Wholohan(Arklow)
1989 No Event
1990 M O`Keefe/N O`Keefe(Mitchelstown); D Rowlands/R Redmond(Arklow)
1991 No Event
1992 R Redmond/A M O`Sullivan(Arklow); C Vigors/J Bolger(Arklow)
1993 J Bolger/C Vigors(Arklow); P O`Brien/B Finnerty(Oldtown/Ballygall)
1994 No Event
1995 Replaced by Womens C40+/D/Novice Dbls
1995 No Event
1996 No Event
1997 S Connolly/M Connolly(Aughamullen);B Comerford/S Comerford(Callan)
1998 No Event
1999 S Neary/A Hickey(Arklow/Touraneena); B Comerford/S Comerford(Kilkenny)
2000 M O`Doherty/S O`Doherty((Templederry); H Shanahan/M Hogan(Templederry)
2001-2004 No Event

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Mens Novice Doubles
1999 Daniel Shanahan/Triston Hickey(Templederry/Touraneena); Eamon Hannon/Michael McDonnell(Clones)
2000 Michael Haverty Snr/Kieran Brannigan (Castlebar/Griffiths, Dublin); Oliver Moran/Declan Kilkelly(Castlebar)
2001 No Event
2002 Michael Haverty/Michael Haverty Jnr(Castlebar); Michael Carolan/S Tully(Kingscourt/Newry)
2003 No Event
2004 Niall Heaney/Frank McDonagh(Ballinrobe); Don Lawlor/Mike Lawlor(Kilkenny

Womens Novice Doubles
1999 U Ryan/Niamh Coffey/Templederry/Touraneena); A Hickey/Eileen Hickey(Touraneena)
2000 S O`Doherty/M O`Doherty(Templederry); Michelle Haverty/Anita Grimes(Castlebar/Ballinrobe)
2001-2004 No Events

Mens B/C Doubles
1998 No Event

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Womens B/C Doubles
1998 Susan Neary/Shiela Neary(Arklow) Anne Marie O`Sullivan/Rita Redmond(Arklow)

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Women's C40+/D/Novice Dbls

1996 No Event
1997 Changed to C/D/Novice Doubles

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Womens C/D/Novice Doubles
1997 Siobhan Connolly/Mary Connolly(Aughamullen); Bernadette Comerford/S Comerford(Callan)
1998 Replaced by Womens D & Novice Doubles

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Womens D & Novice Doubles
1998 No Event
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Mens Over 30 Doubles
2004 Noel O`Callaghan/Joe Farrell(Kilkenny/Arklow); Jimmy Gannon/Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow)

Mens Over 35 Doubles
1985 Philip Duignan/John Comerford(Dublin/Kilkenny); David Brosnan/Paddy Kennedy(Templederry)
1986 Philip Duignan/Michael Murphy(Dublin/Arklow); David Brosnan/P Kennedy(Templederry)
1987 John Comerford/Ray Kearney(Kilkenny/Callan); Mickey Gilmartin/B Casey(Sligo)
1988 John Comerford/Ray Kearney(Kilkenny/Callan); Martin Lawless/Oliver Malone(Cavan)
1989 Philip Duignan/Michael Murphy(Dublin/Arklow); John Comerford/Ray Kearney(Kilkenny/Callan)
1990 Martin Lawless/Oliver Malone(Cavan); J Comerford/Ray Kearney(Kilkenny/Callan)
1991 No Event
1992 No Event
1993 Event Cancelled at 1993 AGM
1996 Re-instated
1996 Philip Duignan/Paddy Traynor(Ballygall/Moylagh); Billy Walsh/John Comerford(Callan)
1997 Anthony Butler/Michael Murphy(Arklow); Paddy Traynor/Oliver Gibney(Moylagh)
1998 No Event
1999 Anthony Butler/Ricky Sheridan(Arklow/Moylagh);Philip Duignan/Paddy Traynor
2000 Christy Slattery/Benny Morrissey(Templederry/Fethard); Anthony Butler/Kieran Brannigan(Clones/Griffiths, Dublin)
2001 Anthony Butler/Padraic Benson (Clones/Castlebar) Jimmy Gannon/John Comerford (Arklow/Kilkenny)
2002 Vincent Fitzgerald/Jimmy Gannon(Arklow) Anthony Butler/Noel Beggan(Clones)
2003 No Event

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Womens Over 35 Doubles
1984 No Event
1985 M Quigley/Bridin Ui Mhaolagain(Kilkenny/Dublin); M Brosnan/B O`Brien(Tipperary)
1986 O O`Meara/V Santry(Mitchelstown/Fermoy); Marie Duignan/Maura Tormey(Dublin)
1987 Marie Duignan/Maura Tormey(Ballygall); M Casey/N Casey(Sligo)
1988 Orla Ryan/Bridin Ui Mhaolagain(CNN); Marie Duignan/Maura Tormey(Ballygall)
1989 Orla Ryan/Bridin Ui Mhaolagain(CNN); I Ryder/E Murphy(Arklow)
1990 Orla Ryan/Bridin Ui Mhaolagain(CNN); J Murphy/ N Casey(Sligo)
1991 No Event
1992 No Event
1993 Event Cancelled at 1993 AGM
1996 Re-instated
1997 - 2004 No Event

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Mens Over 40 Doubles
1993 Micahel Murphy/Gerry Redmond(Arklow); John Comerford/Mick Barnes(Arklow)
1994 Seamus Watters/Rick Lewis(Cavan); Philip Duignan/Paddy Traynor(Ballygall/Moylagh)
1995 Seamua Watters/Rick Lewis(Cavan); Philip Duignan/Paddy Traynor(Ballygall/Moylagh)
1996 Event Cancelled

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Mens Over 45 Doubles
1996 No Event
1997 No Event
2001 Michael Murphy/Paddy Traynor(Arklow/Moylagh) Vincent Fitzgerald/Gerry Redmond (Arklow)
2002-2004 No Event

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Womens Over 45 Doubles
1996 No Event
1997 No Event
1998- 2004 No Events

Mixed Open Doubles
1982 Philip Duignan/Marie Duignan(Dublin); Tom Hurley/Paula Jennings(Sutton/Drummartin)
1983 Philip Duignan/Marie Duignan(Dublin); Hall/E Hall(Oldtown)
1984 Philip Duignan/Marie Duignan(Dublin); M Mulhall/D Reinhardt(Kilkenny)
1985 A Mulhall/Wendy Hackett(Kilkenny/O`Loughlins); Anthony Butler/Paula Jennings(Arklow/Drummartin)
1986 D Murray/Ciss Kennedy(Templederry); Ann Marie Whelan/John Comerford(UCD/Kilkenny)
1987 Ray Kearney/Orla Ryan(Callan/CNN); Anthony Butler/Marie Duignan(Arklow/Ballygall)
1988 No Event
1989 Jimmy Gannon/Marie Duignan(Arklow/Ballygall); Philip Duignan/Ann Marie Whelan(Ballygall/UCD)
1990 Jimmy Gannon/Marie Duignan(Arklow/Ballygall); Philip Duignan/Geraldine Byrne(Ballygall/Arklow)
1991 No Event
1992 Event Cancelled at 1991 AGM

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Mixed Over 35 Doubles
1984 No Event
1985 Ray Kearney/M Quigley(Callan./Kilkenny); David Brosnan/B O`Brien(Templederry)
1986 Philip Duignan/Marie Duignan(Dublin); John Comerford/Bridin Ui Mhaolagain(Kilkenny/Dublin)
1987 Ray Kearney/Mairin McGee(Callan/Newport); Marie Duignan/P Farrell(Ballygall/Drogheda)
1988 Ray Kearney/Orla Ryan(Callan/CNN); Philip Duignan/Marie Duignan(Ballygall)
1989 No Event
1990 No Event
1991 No Event
1992 Event Cancelled at 1991 AGM.

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Mixed C/D Doubles
1985 J Stakelum/B Ui Mhaolagain(T/derry/Dublin); D Burke/M Doyle(Kilkenny)
1986 E Kelly/P O`Brien(Oldtown); J Stakelum/B Ui Mhaolagain(T/derry/Dublin)
1987 No Event
1988 No Event
1989 G Ryan/Ann Marie Grumbridge(Fermoy); David Brosnan/Betty Finnerty(T/derry/Crinkle)
1991 No Event
1992 Event cancelled at 1991 AGM

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Mens D & Novice Doubles
1995 P Burke/Cathal Poyntz(Callan); Ricky Sheridan/Oliver Gibney(Moylagh)
1996 Changed to C40+/D/Novice Dbls

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Mens C40/D/Novice Doubles                                                                                              
1996 E Breen/M Barnes(Arklow);
1997 Michael Keane Snr/Michael Keane Jnr(Ballinrobe); Pat Gavin/Kevin Jennings(Castlebar)
1998 Event discontinued(changed back to D & Novice Dbls)


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