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World Championships Teams

Ireland has been represented at all World Racquetball Championships since the first games in 1982.

2002  11th World Championships, Puerto Rico

From left; Elmna Gibney(Moylagh), Oliver Gibney, Jimmy Gannon(Arklow), Joan Kennedy(Dolla), Patrick Hanley(Griffiths, Dublin).
Michael Murphy(Arklow) Manager

Photo; Helen Gibney

Placings; Mens Team

2000  10th World Championships at San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Back; Kevin Jennings,(Castlebar) Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy), Anthony Butler(Clones), Patrick Hanley(Fermoy).

Front; Michael Murphy(Arklow) Manager, Karen Grumbridge(Fermoy). Bernadette Comerford(Kilkenny), Joan Kennedy(Dolla), Anne Marie Grumbridge(Fermoy) and Oliver Gibney(Moylagh) Asst Manager.

Photo; Courtesy Mike Mesecke, German Racquetball Federation:

Placings; Mens Team 19th  Womens Team 13th   Overall, 17th
Individual Results. K Jennings/P Hanley Bronze in Doubles Red Division. K Grumbridge 4th Womens Red Division.

1998  9th World Championships Cocabamba, Bolivia

Back; Anthony Butler(Arklow), Patrick Hanley(Fermoy), Martin McConnon(Kingscourt),Michael Murphy(Arklow) Manager.

Front; Oliver Gibney(Moylagh) Asst Manager, Karen Grumbridge(Fermoy), Elma Gibney(Moylagh), Grainne Shanahan(Templederry)

Photo; Courtesy of

Placings; Mens Team 15th,  Womens Team 11th,   Overall 10th.

1996 8th World Championships, Phoenix, USA

Team; Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy), Anthony Butler(Arklow), Michael Lynch(Fermoy),          Stephen O`Loan(Queens, Belfast), Chrisy Slattery(Templederry).
Manager; M Murphy(Arklow)

Placings; Mens Team, 14th. Overall. 16th
Individual Results; M Lynch/S O`Loan, Bronze in Red Division(Doubles). C Slattery silver in White Division(Singles)

 1994 7th World Championships San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Team; Anthony Butler(Arklow), Michael  Lynch(Tralee), Jimmy Gannon(Arklow), Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy), Chrisy Slattery(Templederry).

Placings; Mens team, 15th place. Overall, 20th
Individual Results; A Butler/M Lynch, Bronze medals Doubles White Division

 1992  6th World Championships Montreal. Canada.

Team; Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy),Christy Slattery(Templederry), Jimmy Gannon(Arklow), Anthony Butler(Arklow), Michael Murphy(Arklow). Sub, Tom Walsh(Kilkenny)Capt.
Marie Duignan(Ballygall), Bobbi Brennan (Fethard), Jenny Lynch(Fermoy), Ciss Kennedy(Templederry), Bernie Farrell(Ballygall), Sub; Patricia`OBrien(Oldtown)Capt,              
Manager; Philip Duignan 

Placings; Mens team, 10th. Womens team, 5th . Overall, 7th
Individual Results;
M Murphy/C Slattery silver medals in Doubles Red Division, B Farrell/C Kennedy, bronze medals in Doubles Blue Division, P Duignan ,1st place in 45+ Division.

1990 5th World Championships, Caracas, Venezuela.

Team; M Duignan Jimmy Gannon(Arklow), Anthony Butler(Arklow), Mick Ryan(Cavan), Christy Slattery(Templederry).,Michael Murphy(Arklow),
Orla Ryan (Templederry),Ciss Kennedy(Templederry), Geraldine Byrne(Arklow), Kathleen Curran(Tralee).

Placings; Mens team, 12th place; Womens team, 5th place . Overall, 6th place(joint 6th with Venezuela)

 1988 4th World Championships; Hamburg, Germany.

Team; Anthony Butler(Arklow), Jimmy Gannon(Arklow), M Nagle.
Anne Marie Whelan(UCD), Orla Ryan (Templederry), Geraldine Byrne(Arklow).

Placings; Mens Team, 8th place, Womens Team, 6th place, Overall, 6th place
Individual Results; A M Whelan & O Ryan 4th place in Womens Doubles.

 1986 3rd World Championships (World Games), Florida, USA.

Team; D Murray() Brendan Doyle(Arklow), W illie Lawrence(Fethard), Con Brosnan(Tralee), Anthony Butler(Arklow),
Anne MarieWhelan(UCD), Orla Ryan(Templederry), Geraldine Byrne(Arklow), Ciss Kennedy(Templederry), M Quigley,

Placings; Mens Team, 7th Place. Womens Team, 5th Place, , Overall, 6th place

 1985 2nd World Championships (World Games 11)  London, England.

Team; John McDonald,(Garda), Brendan Doyle(Arklow), Anne Marie Whelan,(UCD), Marie Duignan(Ballygall).

Individual Results; 6th Place. A M Whelan, 5th Place. M Duignan, Group 9-13. J McDonald, Group 16-20. B Doyle.

 1981  1st World Championships and World Games 1. Santa Clara U.S.A

Team; Tom Hurley(), Philip Duignan(Ballygall), Peadar McGee(Newport), Andy Byrne(Ashbourne), Mick Moss
Marie Duignan(Ballygall) Paula Jennings, Marian Cullinane(Claremorris), M O`Toole, C Donegan()
Manager. Cathal Brugha

Placings. Womens Team ,2nd; Mens Team, 4th Overall; 4th  
Individual Results; 3rd place Womens Singles Marie Duignan;  3rd place Womens Doubles C Donegan/M O`Toole.