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Racquetball Association of Ireland
Results 2002-2003 Season

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12th European Championships
in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
5th - 12th July 2003

Men's Team Event                              
3.Great Brittain

Women's Team Event

Men's Open Singles                      
1.Joachim Loof (Ger)                      
2.Pascal Matla (Ned)                                  
3.Jimmy Gannon (Ire)                      
3.Stephen O'Loan (Ire)                      
Women's Open Singles
1.Joan Kennedy (Ire)
2.Yvonne Kortes (Ger)
3.Susan Neary (Ire)
3.Niamh Coffey (Ire)
Consolation:Elma Gibney (Ire)

Men's Open Doubles    
1.Matla/Schipper (Ned)           
2.Hughes/Hickey (Ire)    
3.Loof/Bertels (Ger)                
3.Gannon/Hanley (Ire)

Women's Open Doubles
1.Neary/Gibney (Ire)
2.Rosenberg/Kortes (Ire)
3.Lynch/Kennedy (Ire)

Juniors 14 & Under                              
1. Thomas Aburrow Newmann (GB)      
2. Harry Hodgson (GB)                              
3. Josh Aburrow Newmann (GB)                  
3. Dennis Kras (Ned)                              
Consolation: Sam Leek (GB)                 

Juniors 18 & Under
1. Michael Haverty (Ire)
2. Tristan Hickey (Ire)
3. Ben Rayner (GB)

3. Robert Sullivan (GB)
Consolation: Kevin McNamara (Ire)

Junior Doubles

1.Haverty/McNamara (Ire)
2.SullivanRayner (Gb)
3.Hodgson/Leek (Gb)
3.Aburrow Newman/Aburrow Newman (Gb)

Men's Seniors 30 +                                
1. Richard van Doezum (Ned)        
2. Padraic Benson (Ire)                           
3. Mike Mesecke (Ger)                    
3. Mick Spencer (GB)                    
Consolation: Niklaas Deboutte (Bel)     

Men's Seniors 40 +
1.Padraic Benson (Ire)
2.Niklaas Deboutte (Bel)
3. Errol McCammon (GB)
3. Jorg Ludwig (Ger)
Consolation: Karel Matla (Ned)

Men's Seniors 50 +                                    
1.John Comerford (Ire)                        
2.Michael Murphy (Ire)                        
3.Karel Matla (Ned)                                    
Consolation: George van Stralen (Ned)

Men's Senior Doubles
1.Brett- Williams/McCammon (Gb)
2.Benson/Lynch (Ire)
3.van Doezum/K.Matla (Ned)
3.Murphy/Comerford (Ire)

All Ireland Singles Championships 2003

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th June 2003

At Aura Sports Centre, Arklow, Co Wicklow

Mens Open Singles:

Semi finals: Noel O`Callaghan(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) beat Kevin Jennings(Castlebar) 2-1 and Jimmy Gannon(Arklow) beat Anthony Butler (Clones) 2-1.
Final: O`Callaghan beat Gannon 2-0

Ladies Open Singles:

Semi finals: Geraldine Byrne(Arklow) beat Joan Kennedy(Dolla) 2-0 and Bernadette Comerford(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) beat Helen Shanahan(Templederry) 2-0.
Final; Comerford beat  Byrne 2-1.

Ladies C Singles:

Semi: Carol Lynch(Queens, Belfast)  beat K. Burke( ) 2-0 and Ailish Gibney(Moylagh)  beat C Barnes(Arklow) 2-0.
Final: Lynch beat Gibney 2-0.

Ladies D Singles:
Semi finals: Carol Lynch(Queens, Belfast)  beat Ailish Gibney(Moylagh) 2-0 and Helen Shanahan(Templederry) beat K. Burke( ) 2-0.
Final: Shanahan beat Lynch 2-0.

Men's B Singles:
Semi finals: Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow) beat Liam Hughes(Fermoy) 2-1 and Noel Beggan(Clones) beat P. Benson(Castlebar) 2-1.
Final: Beggan beat Fitzgerald 2-0.

Men's C Singles:
Semi finals: John Comerford(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) beat Michael Barnes(Arklow) 2-0 and Francis Duffy(Aughamullen) beat Larry Byrne(Arklow) 2-0.
Final: Duffy beat Comerford 2-1.

Men's D Singles:
Semi finals: Larry Byrne(Arklow) beat Pat Browne() 2-0 and Laurence Donaghy(Queens, Belfast) beat Billy O`Keeffe( ) 2-0.
Final: Donaghy beat Byrne 2-0.

Men's Novice Singles:
Semi finals: Keith Smith(Cavan) beat Laurence Donaghy(Queens, Belfast)  2-1 and Shane Laverty(Queens, Belfast)  beat Billy O`Keeffe 2-1.
Final: Smith beat Laverty 2-0.

Kilkenny Open

At O`Louglins Sports Centre, Kilkenny City

31st May & 1st June 2003

Men's Open Singles Semi Finals:
Noel O Callaghan(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny)  def  Anthony Butler(Clones) 2-0;  Liam Hughes(Fermoy) def Kevin Jennings(Castlebar) 2-0.
Final: O`Callaghan def Hughes 2-0.

Men's B/C Singles Semi Finals:
Padraic Ryan(Griffiths, Dublin) def Larry Byrne(Arklow);  Gary Lynch(Queens, Belfast) def Michael Haverty Jnr (Castlebar) 2-1
Final: Ryan def Lynch

Men's D Singles Semi Finals.
Kieran Brannigan(Griffiths, Dublin) def  Kieran Ryan ; Tony Neary(Arklow) def Shane Laverty(Queens, Belfast)
Final: Brannigan def Neary 2-0.

Mens Novice Singles semi Finals:
K. Lenihan(Silvermines) def David Healy(NUIG); Damien McKeogh def Pat Conroy(NUIG).
Final ; Lenihan def McKeogh 2-0

Mens Over 40 Semi Finals
Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow)  def Oliver Gibney ;  John Comerford (Kilkenny) def Michael Murphy(Arklow)
Final: Fitzgerald def Comerford 2-1

Ladies Open Singles Semi Finals:
Joan Kennedy(Dolla) def Elma Gibney(Moylagh); Susan Neary(Arklow) def Bernadette Comerford(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny).
Final: Kennedy def Neary 2-1.

Mens C/D/Novice Doubles:
P Ryan/K Brannigan(Griffiths<Dublin) def P Kennedy/O Gibney(Templederry/Moylagh) ; L Byrne/M Haverty(Arklow/Castlebar) def P Buckley/J Comerford(Kilnamartyra/Kilkenny)
Final: Ryan/Brannigan def Byrne/Haverty 2-0

Men's Open Doubles Semi Finals:
N O Callaghan/K Jennings(Kilkenny/Castlebar) def L Byrne/J Farrell(Arklow) and J Gannon/L Hughes (Arklow/Fermoy) def A Butler/V Fitzgerald(Clones/Arklow).
Final: O`Callaghan/Jennings def Gannon/Hughes 2-0.

Ladies Open Doubles:
Winners after Round Robin, B Comerford /S Neary(Kilkenny/Arklow).

19th Irish Open
At Aura Sports Centre, Arklow, Co Wicklow

Friday 2nd  - Monday 5th May 2003

Mens' Open Singles Semi Finals:
Brian Fredenberg (USA) def  Sanjay LaForest (USA) 3-0
Shane Wood(USA)  def Chem Young Pen (USA) 3-0
Final - Fredenburg def Wood 3-2

Men's B/C Singles Semi Finals:
Adam Neary(Arklow)  def  Gary Lynch (Queens, Belfast) 2-0
Triston Hickey (Touraneena) def Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) 2-0
Final - Hickey def Neary 2-0

Men's D/Novice Singles Semi Finals:
Larry Byrne(Arklow) def  Michael Barnes (Jnr)(Arklow) 2-0
Michael Haverty Jnr (Castlebar) def Shane Laverty(Queens, Belfast) (retired inj)
Final - Byrne def Haverty 2-1

Men's  Over 40 Singles Semi Finals
Tom Keogh(Kildare & USA) def Terry Jackson(USA) 2-1
Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow) def Dennis O'Brien (USA) 2-1
Final - Fitzgerald def O`Brien 2-1

Men's Open Doubles Semi Finals:
Brian Fredenberg(USA)  & Terry Jackson(USA) def Tom Keogh (Kildare & USA) and Sanjay Laforest (USA) 2-1
Shane Wood (USA) & Padraic Benson(Castlebar) def  Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) & Patrick Hanley(Griffiths, Dublin) 2-0
Final - Fredenberg & Jackson def Wood & Benson 2-1

Men's C/D Doubles Semi Finals:
Pat Keene(Touraneena) & Niall Barnes(Arklow) def John Comerford (Kilkenny) & Francis Duffy(Aughamullen) 2-0
Paudrig Ryan & Kieran Brannigan(Griffiths, Dublin) def Larry Byrne &  Michael Barnes Jnr (Arklow)2-0
Final - Keane /Barnes def Brannigan/Ryan 2-1

Ladies Open Singles Semi Finals:
Sally Benedict (USA) def  Geraldine Byrne(Arklow) 2-0
Susan Neary(Arklow)  def  Joan Kennedy(Dolla) 2-0
Final - Benedict def Neary 2-0

Ladies Novice Semi Finals:
Eilish Gibney (Moylagh) def Kelly Burke(Arklow) 2-0
Vanessa Barnes(Arklow) def Leanne Miskelly (Queens, Belfast)2-0
Final -- Gibney beat Barnes 2-0

Ladies Doubles Semi Finals:
Helen Shanahan(Templederry) & Niamh Coffey(Touraneena) beat Rosrmary Redmond & Charlotte Vigors(Arklow) 2-1
Sally Benedict (USA) & Colette Barnes(Arklow) def  Susan Neary & Sheila Neary(Arklow) 2-0
Final -- Benedict/Barnes beat Coffey/Shanahan 2-0

Ladies Blue Division Semi Finals:
Bernadette Comerford (Kilkenny) def  Helen Shanahan (Templederry) 21-16
Colette Barnes beat Elma Gibney (retired inj)
Final -  Comerford beat Barnes 21-7.

13th Castlebar Open sponsored by Castlebar Credit Union Ltd
At Castlebar & Ballinrobe
Saturday 29th  & Sunday 29th & 30th March 2003

Men's Open Singles Semi Finals;
Noel O`Callaghan(Kilkenny) def Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) 2-0
Carlos Murillo(Mexico) def Kevin Jennings(Castlebar) 2-0
Final;  O`Callaghan def Murillo 2-0

Men's BC Singles Semi finals;
Adam Neary(Arklow) def Francis Duffy(Aughamullen) 2-0
Gary Lynch(Queens, Belfast) def Michael Murphy(Arklow) retd inj
Final;  Neary def Lynch 2-0

Men's Singles Semi Finals;
Joe Glynn(Athenry) def Andy Clarke(Kingscourt) 2-0
Padraic Cunningham(Kingscourt) def Kieran Brannigan(Griffiths, Dublin) 2-1
Final;  Glynn def Cunningham 2-0

Men's Novice Singles Semi finals;
Mike Haverty(Castlebar)  w/o Oliver Moran(Castlebar) inj
Michael Kelly(Ballinrobe)  w/o Michael Haverty Snr(Castlebar) inj
Final;  Haverty def Kelly 2-0

Men's Over 40 Singles Semi Finals;

Padraic Benson(Castlebar) def Michael Murphy(Arklow) 2-0
Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) def John Comerford(Kilkenny) 2-0
Final;  Benson def Fitzgerald 2-1

Women's Open Singles Semi Finals;
Joan Kennedy(Dolla) def Elma Gibney(Moylagh) 2-0
Susan Neary(Arklow) def Bernie Comerford(Kilkenny) 2-0
Final;  Kennedy def Neary 2-1

Women's Plate Final
Niamh O`Neill (Castlebar) def C Lynch(Queens, Belfast) 2-0

Men's Open Doubles;
T Hickey/L Hughes(Touraneena/Fermoy) def S O`Loan/C Murillo(Belfast/Mexico) 2-0

Men's C/D Doubles
J Comerford/F Duffy(Kilkenny/Aughamullen) def J Kilcoyne/M Kelly(Castlebar/Ballinrobe) 2-0

Women's Doubles
B Comerford/S Neary(Kilkenny/Arklow) def E Gibney/H Shanahan(Moylagh/Templederry) 2-0

All Ireland Overage Championships

At Moylagh, Co Meath

Saturday 8th March 2003

Semi finals: Jimmy Gannon(Arklow) def Noel Beggan(Clones) 2:0
Stevie O'Loan(Belfast) def Pat McKeon(Kingscourt) 2:0
Final: Gannon def  O'Loan 2:1

Semi finals: Jimmy Gannon(Arklow) def Pat Donagh(Kingscourt) 2:0
Stevie O'Loan(Belfast) def Noel Beggan(Clones) 2:1
Final: Gannon def  O'Loan  2:0

Semi finals: Vinny Fitzgerald(Arklow) def Andy Clarke(Kingscourt) 2:0
John Comerford(Kilkenny) def Joe Glynn(Galway) 2:0
Final: Fitzgerald def Comerford 2:1

Semi finals: Vinny Fitzgerald(Arklow) def John Comerford(Kilkenny)2:0
Joe Glynn(Galway) def Oliver Gibney(Moylagh) 2:0
Final:  Fitzgerald def Joe Glynn  2:0

All Ireland Junior Championships

At Fermoy, Co Cork

Saturday and Sunday 22nd & 23rd February 2003

Boys Under 12 Singles Semi Finals;
Garvan Dunford(Touraneena) def Sean Conron(Fermoy) 15-6, 6-15, 11-7;
Barry Healy(Ballinrobe) def  Shane Dineen(Kilnamartyra) 15-2, 15-5
Final; Dunford def Healy 15-14, 2-15, 11-6

Boys Under 14 Singles Semi Finals;
Stephen Healy(Ballinrobe) def Ruairi O`Hagan(Fermoy) 15-7, 15-5;
Raymond O'Malley(Castlebar) def Adrian Cronin(Kilnamartyra) 15-9, 11-15, 11-10.
Final; Healy def O'Malley 12-15, 15-14, 11-5.

Boys Under 16 Singles Semi Finals;
Mike Haverty(Castlebar) def Conor McSweeney(Kilnamartyra) 15-3, 15-9;
Michael O`Connor(Kilnamartyra) def Pat Dineen(Kilnamartyra) 15-12, 15-14.
Final; Haverty def O`Connor 15-7, 15-5.

Boys Under 18 Singles Semi Finals;

Triston Hickey(Touraneena) def John Healy(Ballinrobe) 15-3, 15-7;
Kevin McNamara(Castlebar) def Gearoid Dineen(Kilnamartyra) 15-1, 11-15, 11-5.
Final; Hickey def McNamara 15-7, 15-7

Girls Under 12 Singles Semi Finals;
Majella Haverty(Castlebar) def Mary O'Connor(Kilnamartyra) 15-1, 15-0;
Emma O`Hagan (Fermoy) def Katie Kenny(Castlebar) 15-6, 9-15, 11-6
Final; Haverty def O`Hagan 15-0, 15-1

Girls Under 14 Singles Semi Finals;
Katie Walsh(Ballinrobe) def  Eithne Skehan(Touraneena) 15-1, 15-1;
Karen Cliffe(Touraneena) def Noelle Corkery(Kilnamartyra) 15-5, 15-1.
Final; Walsh def Skehan 15-6, 15-2

Girls Under 16 Singles Semi Finals;
Ailish Gibney(Moylagh) def Eileen Hickey(Touraneena) 15-1, 15-6;
Julie Skehan(Touraneena) def Fiona Gannon(Arklow)  15-7, 15-10.
Final; Gibney def Skehan 9-15, 15-4, 11-8.

Girls Under 18 Singles (After Round Robin)
Niamh Coffey(Touraneena)

Moylagh Open
At Moylagh & Oldcastle Co Meath
Saturday & Sunday 15th & 16th February 2003

Men's Open Singles Semi-finals
Noel O`Callaghan(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) def Kevin Jennings(Castlebar) 2-0.
Pat Hanley(Griffiths, Dublin) def Joe Farrell(Arklow) 2-0
Final; O`Callaghan def Hanley 2-1

Men's B/C Singles Semi-finals
Tristan Hickey(Touraneena) def Eammon Hannon (Clones) 2-0
Padriac Cunninghan(Kingscourt)  def Larry Byrne (Arklow) 2-0
Final; Hickey def Cunningham 2-0

Men's D Singles Semi-finals;
Philip Hand (Moylagh)  def Paudraic Cunningham(Kingscourt) 2-0
Andrew Clarke(Kingscourt) def Brian Smith (Cavan) 2-0
Final; Hand def Clarke 2-1

Men's Novice Singles semi-finals
Keith Smith(Cavan) def Martin Tighe(Ballinrobe) 2-1
Michael Haverty(Castlebar) def  Niall Heaney(Ballinrobe) 2-0
Final; Smith def Haverty 2-0

Men's Over 40 Singles Semi-finals
Padraic Benson(Castlebar) def Ricky Sheridan (Moylagh)
Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow) def  James McGarvey (Oldtown)
Final; Benson def Fitzgerald 2-0

Men's Open Doubles
  Jimmy Gannon/Pat Hanley(Arklow/Griffiths, Dublin) def Noel O`Callaghan/Kevin Jennings(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny/Castlebar) 2-0

Women's Open Singles Semi-finals;
Joan Kennedy (Dolla) def  Elma Gibney (Moylagh) 2-1
Susan Neary (Arklow) def Bernadette Comerford(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) wd inj
Final; Kennedy def Neary 2-0

Women's Novice Singles
Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) beat Noelle Clarke (Kingscourt) 2-0

Women's Open Doubles
  Bernadette Comerford/Susan Neary(O`Loughlins,Kilkenny/Arklow) def Helan Shanahan/Niamh Coffey(Templederry/Touraneena) 2-0

Leinster Open
At Arklow Sports & Leisure Centre, Arklow, Co Wicklow

25th & 26th January 2003

Men's Open Singles Semi Finals; Noel O Callaghan (Kilkenny)  def Joe Farrell (Arklow); Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) def Anthony Butler (Clones)
Final; O`Callaghan def Gannon 2-0.

Women's Open Singles Semi Finals; Bernadette Comerford(Kilkenny) def  Niamh Coffey(Touraneena)
Susan Neary(Arklow) beat Maura O`Doherty(Templederry).
Final; Neary def Comerford 2-0

Men's B/C Singles Semi Finals;  Francis Duffy (Aughamullen) def Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow); Liam Hughes (Fermoy) def Gary Lynch (Queens, Belfast).
Final; Hughes def Duffy in the final 2-0

Men's D Singles  Semi Finals; Triston Hickey (Tournanena) def Shane Laverty (Queens, Belfast); Joe Glynn (Newcastle) def Kieran Brannigan (Griffiths, Dublin).
Final; Hickey def Glynn 2-0

Men's Novice Singles Semi Finals; Niall Barnes (Arklow) def Brendan Corbett (Ballinrobe);
Frank McDonagh (Ballinrobe) beat Jimmy Montgomery (Queens, Belfast)
Final; Barnes def McDonagh 2-0

Women's Novice Singles Semi Finals; Kelly Burke (Arklow) def Coreen Molloy (Arklow);
Julie Skeehan (Tournanena) def Vanessa Barnes (Arklow)
Final;  Skeehan def Burke 2-1

Men's Over 40 Singles Semi Finals; Padraic Benson(Castlebar) def Michael Murphy(Arklow);
J Comerford(Kilkenny) beat Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow).
Final; Benson def Comerford 2-0

Men's Open Doubles Final; Noel O Callaghan/Kevin Jennings(Kilkenny/Castlebar) def Jimmy Gannon/Stephen O Loan(Arklow/Queens,Belfast) 2-1

Women's Open Doubles Final; Helen Shanahan/Niamh Coffey (Templederry/Tournanena) def Susan Neary /Vanessa Barnes (Arklow) 2-1

Men's C/D/Novice Final; Kieran Brannigan/Pauric Ryan(Griffiths, Dublin) def Michael Barnes/Niall Barnes (Arklow) 2-0

Boys Under 18 Singles Final; Craig Young(Arklow)def Clyde Byrne(Arklow) n/s

All Ireland Junior B Championships
At Ballinrobe, Co Mayo.

18th & 19th January 2003

Boys Under 10 Singles Final;
Darragh Joyce(Castlebar) def David O`Connor(Ballinrobe) 15-2, 15-4

Boys Under 12 Singles Semi Finals;
Barry Sheridan(Ballinrobe) def Mikey Kelly(Ballinrobe) 15-5, 15-5;  John Burke(Ballinrobe) def Darragh Joyce(Castlebar) 13-15, 15-13, 11-8
Final; Sheridan def Burke 15-2, 15-4

Boys Under 14 Singles Semi Finals; Adrian Cronin(Kilnamartyra) def Conor Keane(Ballinrobe) 15-11, 15-14; Liam Feerick(Ballinrobe)  def Christopher O`Malley(Ballinrobe) 15-6, 15-1
Final; Cronin def Feerick 15-3, 15-9

Boys Under 16 Singles Semi Finals; Martin O`Connor(Kilnamartyra) def Liam Joyce(Castlebar) 15-1, 15-8;  Pat Dinneen(Kilnamartyra)  def Sean Kelleher(Kilnamartyra) 15-5, 15-7
Final; O`Connor def Dinneen 15-4, 15-12

Girls Under 12 Singles Semi Finals; Maria Burke(Newport) def  Tara Haverty(Cloonfad) 15-5, 15-2; Katie Kenny(Castlebar) def Therese Langan(Castlebar) 15-6, 15-9
Final;  Burke def Kenny 15-3, 15-1

Girls Under 14 Singles Semi Finals; Eithne Skehan(Touraneena) def Sinead Hughes(Newport) 15-5, 15-11; Sinead Hughes(Ballinrobe) def Dorina Hynes(Castlebar) 15-9, 15-6
Final; Skehan def Hughes  15-2, 15-6

Girls Under 16 Singles Semi Finals; Julie Skehan(Touraneena) def Tara Griffin(Ballinrobe) 15-1, 15-1; Gemme Burke(Ballinrobe) def Olivia Tolster(Castlebar) 15-8, 15-3
Final; Skehan def Burke 15-3, 15-11

Belfast Ulster Open
16th & 17th November 2002
Belfast. N.I.

Men's Open:Singles Finals
Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) def Anthony Butler (Clones)  2:0

Women's Open Singles Final
Susan Neary (Arklow) def Carol Lynch (Belfast)  2:1

Men's B/C: Singles Final
Conor Magee (Belfast) def Gary Lynch (Belfast) 2:1

Men's D Singles Final
Laurence Donaghy (Belfast) def Kieran Brannigan (Dublin) 2:0

Men's Novice Singles Final
Kieran Brannigan (Dublin) def Laurence Donaghy (Belfast) 2:0

Men's Novice Singles Plate Final
Jimmy Montgomery (Belfast) def Susan Neary (Arklow) 2:0

Men's Open Doubles Final
Jimmy Gannon and Pat Hanley (Arklow/Dublin)  def Joe Farrell and Francis Duffy (Arklow/Aughamullen) 2:0

All Ireland Junior Championships 2002
9th & 10th November 2002
At Arklow, Co Wicklow

Girls Under 11 Semi Finals:
Majella Haverty (Castlebar) def Gemma Cliffe (Touraneena) 2-0. 
Emma O Hagan (Fermoy) def Katie Kenny (Castlebar) 2-0. 
Final: Haverty (Castlebar) beat O`Hagan (Fermoy) 2-0.
Girls Under 13 Semi Finals:
Katie Walsh (Ballinrobe) def Olivia Tolster ( Castlebar) 2-0.
Karen Cliffe (Touraneena) def Laura Young (Templederry) 2-1. 
Final: Walsh def  Cliffe 2-0.
Girls Under 15 Semi Finals:
Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) def Julie Skehan (Touraneena) 2-1.
Eileen Hickey (Touraneena) def Louise Fahy (Ballinrobe) 2-0.
Final:  Gibney def Hickey 2-1.
Girls Under 17:
Final: Niamh Coffey (Touraneena) def Michelle Hogan (Touraneena) 2-0.
Boys Under 11 Semi Finals:
Barry Healy (Ballinrobe) def Barry Sheridan (Ballinrobe) 2-0.
Colin Hughes (Ballinrobe) def Garvan Dunford (Touraneena) 2-1.
Final: Healy beat Hughes 2-1.
Boys Under 13 Semi Finals:
Martin Clarke (Castlebar) def Stephen Healy (Ballinrobe) 2-0.
Raymond O`Malley (Castlebar) def Ruairi O`Hagan (Fermoy) 2-0.
Final: O Malley beat Martin Clarke 2-1.
Boys under 15 Semi Finals:
Michael Haverty (Castlebar) def Colm O`Reagan (Arklow) 2-0.
Brian Byrne (Arklow) def Craig Young (Arklow) 2-1.
Final: Haverty def Byrne 2-0.
Boys under 17 Semi Finals:
Triston Hickey (Touraneena) def Clyde Byrne (Arklow) 2-0.
Kevin McNamara (Castlebar) def Gearoid Dineen (Kilnamartyra) 2-0.
Final:  Hickey def McNamara 2-0.
2nd Touraneena Open
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd November 2002
At Touraneena, Co Waterford

Men's Open Singles
Semi finals;
Kevin Jennings(Castlebar) def Noel O`Callaghan(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) 2-0
Pat Hanley(Griffiths, Dublin) def Christy Slattery(Templederry) 2-1
Final; Jennings def Hanley 2-1

Women's Open Singles
Semi finals;
Joan Kennedy(Dolla) def Bobbi Houlihan(Fethard) 2-0
Elma Gibney(Moyalgh)  def  Bernadette Comerford(O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) 2-0

Final; Kennedy def Gibney 2-0

All Ireland Doubles Championships
Saturday 12th October 2002
At Moylagh Co Meath

Men's Open Doubles;
Jimmy Gannon and Pa Hanley(Arklow/Dublin) def  Noel O`Callaghan and Kevin Jennings(Kilkenny/Castlebar) 2-1
Men's C/D Doubles
Kieran Brannigan and Steven McMenimen(Dublin/Clones) def Pat Keane and Triston Hickey(Touraneena) 2-0
Men's Novice Doubles
Michael Haverty and Micheal Haverty Jnr def Sean Tully and Ml. Carolan(Newry/Kingscourt) 2-1
Men's Over 35 Doubles
Vincent Fitzgerald and Jimmy Gannon(Arklow) def Anthony Butler and Noel Beggan(Clones) 2-0
Men's Over 45 Doubles
Seamus Watters and Rick Lewis(Cavan) def Vincent Fitzgerald and Mick Barnes(Arklow) 2-0
Women's Open Doubles
Bernadette Comerford Susan Neary(Kilenny/Arkow) def Elma Gibney and Ailish Gibney(Moylagh) 2-0