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Racquetball Association of Ireland
Results 2003/2004 Season

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Kilkenny Open
At O`Loughlins Sports Centre, Kilkenny City.
15th & 16th May 2004.

Men's Open Singles
Noel O`Callaghan (Klkenny) def Anthony Butler (Clones) 2-0

Men's B/C  Singles
Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) def John Comerford (O'Loughlins) 2-0

Men's D  Singles
Brian Byrne (Arklow) def Colm O Regan (Arklow) 2-0

Men's Novice  Singles
Brian Byrne (Arklow) def Colm O Regan (Arklow) 2-1

Men's Over 40's Singles
Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) def John Comerford (O'Loughlins) 2-0

Men's  Open Doubles
Noel O Callaghan/Anthony Butler (O'Loughlins/Clones) def Joe Farrell/Adam Neary (Arklow) 2-0

Men's C/D/Novice  Doubles
Oliver Gibney/Paddy Traynor (Moylagh) def Pat Keane/Chris Carey (Touraneena/Fermoy) 2-0

Women's Open Singles
Susan Neary (Arklow) def Geraldine Byrne (Arklow) 2-1

Women's Open Singles (Consolation)
Helen Shanahan (Templederry) def Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) 2-0

Women's Under 18 Singles
Julie Skehan (Touraneena) def Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) 2-1

Women's Open Doubles
Bernie Comerford/Susan Neary (Kilkenny/Arklow) def Geraldine Byrne/Charlotte Vigors (Arklow) 2-0

Arklow Irish Open
Saturday, Sunday & Monday 1st, 2nd & 3rd May 2004
At Arklow, Co Wicklow

Men's Open Singles Semi-Finals
Michael Van Der Holst (Holland) def Triston Hickey. Ireland 11-9, 11-6, 11- 4.
Noel O Callaghan  (Ireland) def Jeffrey  Elder (USA) 11- 9, 11- 4, 11 - 4. 
Final; O Callaghan def Van Der Holst. 11- 4, 11- 7, 11- 5.

Men's Open Doubles Semi - Finals.
Noel O Callaghan & Jimmy Gannon (Ireland) def Anthony Butler & Noel Beggan (Ireland).
Richard Van Doezum & Michael Van Der Holst (Holland) def Triston Hickey & Adam Neary (Ireland).
Final; O Callaghan &  Gannon def Van Doezum & Van Der Holst.  2 - 1.

Men's B/C Singles Semi-Finals.
Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) def Michael Murphy (Arklow)
Larry Byrne (Arklow) def John Comerford (Kilkenny)
Final;  Byrne def Fitzgerald 2 - 0.

Men's 40 + Singles Semi-Finals.
John Comerford(Kilkenny) def Michael Murphy(Arklow)
Jeffrey Elder (USA) def Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow)
Final; Elder def Comerford 2 - 0.

Men's D/Novice Singles Semi-Finals.
Kevin Mc Namara (Castlebar) def Daniel Gill (Athenry)
Michael Haverty Jnr (Castlebar) def Brian Byrne (Arklow)
Final;  Haverty def Gill 2 - 0.

Men's C /D/ Novice Doubles Semi-Finals.
Pat Keane & Niall Barnes(Touraneena/Arklow) def Donie Lawlor & Michael Malone (Kilkenny).
John Fitzgerald & John Comerford(Arklow/Kilkenny) def Martin Lawless & Oliver Gibney (Castlebar/Moylagh)
Final; Keane & Barnes def Fitzgerald & Comerford. 2 - 1.

Women's Open Singles Semi-Finals.
Susan Neary (Ireland) def Geraldine Byrne(Ireland) 2 -1.
Solanna Taragan (USA) def Bernadette Comerford (Ireland) 2 -1.
Final; Taragan def Neary. 2 - 0.

Women's Consolation Singles Final.
Julie Skehan(Ireland) def Liz Fitzgerald (Ireland) 21-10.

Women's Open Doubles Semi - Finals.
Susan Neary & Bernadette Comerford (Ireland) def Elma Gibney & Ailish Gibney (Ireland) 2 - 0.
Rosemary Redmond & Charlotte Vigors (Ireland) def  Sheila Neary & Mirjam Van Rijn (Ireland/Holland) 2 - 1. 
Final; Neary & Comerford def Redmond & Vigors. 2 - 0.

Girls Under 18 yrs Singles Semi-Finals.
Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) def Eithne Skehan(Touraneena)
Julie Skehan(Touraneena) def Karen Cliff (Touraneena)
Final;  Skehan def Gibney.

All Ireland Open and B Singles & Doubles Championships
At Moylagh. Co Meath
Saturday 17th April 2004

Men's Open Singles Semi Finals:
Noel O`Callaghan (Kilkenny) def Kevin Jennings (Castlebar) 2-0.
Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) def Liam Hughes (Fermoy) 2-0.
Final: O`Callaghan def Gannon 2-0.

Ladies Open Singles Semi Finals:
Susan Neary (Arklow) def Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) 2-0.
Maura O Doherty (Templederry) def Bernadette Comerford (Kilkenny) 2-0.
Final: Neary def O Doherty 2-0.

Men's B Singles Semi Finals:
Adam Neary (Arklow) def Ricky Sheridan (Moylagh) 2-0.
Larry Byrne (Arklow) def Gary Lynch (Queens, Belfast) 2-1.
Final: Neary def Byrne 2-0.

Ladies B Singles (after Round Robin)
Maura O Doherty (Templederry) def Julie Skehan (Touraneena) and Ailish Gibney (Moylagh)

Men's Doubles Semi Finals:
Noel O Callaghan/Christy Slattery (Kilkenny)(Templederry) def Jimmy Gannon/Kevin Jennings (Arklow/Castlebar) 2-0.
Liam Hughes/Triston Hickey (Fermoy/Touraneena) def Adam Neary/Joe Farrell (Arklow) 2-0.
Final: O Callaghan/Slattery def Hughes/Hickey 2-0.

14th Castlebar Open Sponsored by Castlebar Credit Union Ltd.
Saturday 3rd & Sunday  4th April 2004
At Castlebar, Co Mayo

Men's Open Singles Semi Finals;
Noel O`Callaghan (O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) def Kevin Jennings (Castlebar) 2-0
Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) def Anthony Butler (Clones) 2-0
Final; O`Callaghan def Gannon 2-1

Men's B/C Singles Semi Finals;
Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) def Francis Duffy (Aughamullen) 2-0
Mike Haverty (Castlebar) def Larry Byrne (Arklow) 2-0.
Final; Fitzgerald def Haverty 2-0

Men's D Singles Semi Finals;
Michael Kelly (Castlebar) def Pat Walsh (Galway) 2-0
Tony Neary (Arklow) def Stephen Butler (Castlebar) 2-0
Final; Kelly def Neary 2-0

Men's Novice Singles Semi Finals;
Niall Heaney (Ballinrobe) def Jimmy Sheridan (Ballinrobe) 2-0
Michael Kelly (Ballinrobe) def Declan Hynes (Castlebar) 2-1
Final; Heaney def Kelly 2-0

Men's Over 40 Singles Semi Finals;
John Comerford (O`Loughlins Kilkenny) def Oliver Moran (Castlebar) 2-1
Paddy Traynor (Moylagh) def Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) 2-1
Final; Comerford def Traynor 2-0

Women's Open Singles Semi Finals;
Susan Neary (Arklow) def Maura O`Doherty (Templederry) 2-1
Bernadette Comerford (O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) def Helen Shanahan (Templederry) 2-0
Final; Neary def Comerford 2-0

Men's Open Doubles Final;
Triston Hickey/Liam Hughes(Touraneena/Fermoy) def Christy Slattery/Noel O`Callaghan(Templederry./Kilkenny) 2-0

Women's Open Doubles Final;
Bernadette Comerford/Susan Neary (Kilkenny/Arklow) def Maura O`Doherty/Julie Skehan (Templederry/Touraneena) 2-0

Men's C/D/Novice Doubles Final;

Paddy Traynor/Keith Smith (Moylagh/Cavan) def John Comerford/Mike Haverty (Kilkenny/Castlebar) 2-0

5th Junior Irish Open
Saturday & Sunday 27th - 28th March 2004
Kingscourt Co. Cavan

Girls Under 11 Singles
Katie Kenny (Castlebar) def Caoimhe McGrath (Touraneena) 2-0

Boys Under 11 Singles Semi Finals;
Barry Healy (Ballinrobe) def Joe Dillon (Kingscourt)
Daire Gargan (Kingscourt) def Eoin Kearns (Touraneena)

Final -
Barry Healy (Ballinrobe) def Daire Gargan (Kingscourt) 2-1

Girls Under 13 Singles Semi Finals;
Sheree Clarke (Kingscourt) def Kendra Hickey (Touraneena)
Linda Feerick (Ballinrobe) def Gemma Cliffe (Touraneena)
Final -  Sheree Clarke (Kingscourt) def Linda Feerick (Ballinrobe) 2-1

Boys Under 13 Singles Semi Finals;
Sean Conran (Fermoy) def Pauric Clarke (Fermoy)
Garvan Dunford (Touraneena) def John Keogan (Kingscourt)

Final - 
Sean Conran (Fermoy) def Garvan Dunford (Touraneena) 2-1

Girls Under 15 Singles Semi Finals;
Majella Haverty (Castlebar) def Laura Young (Templederry)
Karen Cliffe (Touraneena) def Donna Ryder (Newport)

Majella Haverty (Castlebar) def Karen Cliffe (Touraneena) 2-1

Boys Under 15 Singles Semi Finals;
Stephen Healy (Ballinrobe) def Johnny O'Keeney (Fermoy)
Martin Clarke (Castlebar) def Ruairi O'Hagan (Fermoy)

Final - 
Stephen Healy (Ballinrobe) def Martin Clarke (Castlebar) 2-0

Girls Under 17 Singles Semi Finals;
Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) def Katie Walsh (Ballinrobe)
Julie Skehan (Touraneena) def Eileen Hickey (Touraneena)

Final - 
Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) def Julie Skehan (Touraneena) 2-0

Boys Under 17 Singles Semi Finals;
Patrick Brady (Cavan) def Scott Young (Arlow)
Brian Byrne (Arklow) def Chris Carey (Fermoy)
Final -   Patrick Brady (Cavan) def Brian Byrne (Arklow) 2-0

Boys Under 21 Singles Semi Finals;
Triston Hickey (Touraneena) def Colm O'Keefe (Fermoy)
Mike Haverty (Castlebar) def Sean Og Gargan (Kingscourt)
Final -  Triston Hickey (Touraneena) def Mike Haverty (Castlebar) 2-0

All Ireland C, D, Novice Championships
At Arklow, Wicklow
Saturday & Sunday 13th & 14th March 2004

Men's C Singles Semi Finals:
Stephen McMenimen def Larry Byrne(Arklow) 2-1
Keith Smith(Cavan) def  John Comerford(Kilkenny) 2-0
Final; McMenimen def Smith 2-0

Men's D Singles Semi Finals:
Keith Smith (Cavan) def  Peter McGrath(Arklow) 2-0
Mike Haverty(Castlebar) def Niall Barnes(Arklow) 2-1
Final; Smith def Haverty 2-1

Men's Novice Singles Semi Finals;
Kevin McNamara (Castlebar) def Niall Heaney(Ballinrobe) 2-0
Colm O Regan (Arklow) def  Mike Malone(Kilkenny) 2-1
Final; McNamara def O`Regan 2-0

Women's Novice Singles Final(After Round Robin)
Maura O`Doherty (Templederry), Runner up ; Majella Haverty(Castlebar)

Men's C/D Doubles Final;
John Comerfoprd/Kieran Brannigan(Kilkenny/Kingscourt) def Mike Haverty/Kevin McNamara(Castlebar) 2-0

Men's Novice Doubles Final;
Niall Heaney/Frank McDonagh(Ballinrobe) def Don Lawlor/Mike Lawlor(Kilkenny) 2-0

All Ireland Junior Championships 2004
At Ballinrobe & Castlebar
Saturday 6th March 2004

Boys Under 10 Semi Finals;
Eoin Kearns (Touraneena) def Dean Cliffe (Touraneena) 2-1
Conor Skehan (Touraneena) def Pauric Sexton (Cavan) 2-0
Final; Kearns def Skehan 2-0

Boys Under 12 Semi Finals
Barry Healy (Balinrobe) def Barry Sheridan (Ballinrobe) 2-0
Sean Conron (Fermoy) def Daire Gargan (Kingscourt) 2-1 
Final;  Healy def  Conron 2-1

Boys Under 14 Semi Finals

Jonathan O'Keeney (Fermoy) def Martin Clarke (Castlebar) 2-1
Adrian Cronin (Kilnamartyra) def Damien Kelleghar (Cavan) 2-0
Final; Cronin def  O'Keeney 2-1
Boys Under 16 Semi Finals
Padraig White (Rossmore) def Liam Joyce (Castlebar) 2-0
Patrick Brady (Cavan) def Stephen Healy (Ballinrobe) 2-1
Final; Brady beat White 2-1
Boys Under 18 Semi Finals

Mike Haverty (Castlebar) def Patrick Brady (Cavan) 2-1
Kevin McNamara (C-bar) def Ciaran Golden 2-0
Final; Haverty def McNamara 2-0

Girls Under 12 Semi Finals
Katie Kenny (Castlebar) def Gemma Cliffe (Touraneena) 2-0
Sheree Clarke (Kingscourt) def Linda Feerick (Ballinrobe) 2-0
Final; Kenny def Clarke 2-1

Girls Under 14 Semi Finals
Majella Haverty(Castlebar) def Olivia Tolster(Castlebar) 2-0
Eimear Shanahan (Templederry) def Ailbhe Gill (Ballinrobe) 2-1
Final; Majella Haverty beat Eimear Shanahan 2-0

Girls Under 16 Semi Finals
Katie Walsh (Ballinrobe) def Noelle Clarke (Kingscourt) 2-0                               
Majella Haverty (Castlebar) beat Eimear Shanahan (Templederry) n/s
Final; Walsh def Haverty 2-0

Girls Under 18 Semi Finals
Niamh Coffey (Touraneena) def Eileen Hickey (Touraneena) 2-0
Julie Skehan (Touraneena) def Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) 2-0
Final; Coffey def Skehan 2-0

All Ireland Overage Championships
Saturday 28th  February 2004
At Arklow, Co Wicklow

Men's Over 30 Singles Semi finals
Noel O`Callaghan (Kilkenny) def Anthony Butler (Clones) 15-9, 15-6.
Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) def Noel Beggan (Clones) 15-9, 15-13.
Final: O`Callaghan def Gannon 15-9, 9-15, 11-8.

Men's Over 50 Singles (After round robin)
Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow), Runner-up; John Comerford(Kilkenny)

Men's Over 30 Doubles Final
Noel  O`Callaghan/Joe Farrell(Kilkenny/Arklow) def Jimmy Gannon/Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow) 15-13,15-9

Moylagh Open
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th February 2004
At Moylagh & Oldcastle, Co Meath

Men's Open Singles Semi Finals::
Noel O Callaghan (Kilkenny) def Christy Slattery (Templederry) 2-0, Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) def Anthony Butler (Clones) 2-1
Final; O`Callaghan def Gannon  2-0; (15-7, 15-11)

Women's Open Singles Semi Finals::
Susan Neary (Arklow) def Helen Shanahan (Templederry) 2-0, Elma Gibney (Moylagh) def Bernadette Comerford (Kilkenny) 2-0
Final; Neary def Gibney 2-0; (15-14, 15-7)

Men's B/C Singles Semi Finals:
Brian Smith (Cavan) def Daniel Shanahan (Templederry) 2-0, Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) def Gary Lynch(Queens, Belfast) 2-1.
Final; Fitzgerald def Smith  2-0 (15-10, 15-9)

Men's D Singles Semi Finals:
Keith Smith(Cavan) def M Malone(Kilkenny) 2-0, Andy Clarke(Kingscourt) def Michael Haverty Snr(Castlebar) 2-1,
Final; Smith def Clarke 2-1, (15-9, 8-15, 11-2)

Men's Novice Singles Semi Finals;
Kevin McNamar(Castlebar) def Joe Dillon(Kingscourt) 2-0, Michael Carolan(Kingscouert) def D Lawlor(Kilkenny) 2-0.
Final; MaNamara def Carolan 2-0. (15-10, 15-12)

Men's 40+ Singles Semi Finals:
Vincent Fitzgerald def Paddy Traynor(Moylagh) 2-0, John Comerford (Kilkenny) def Seamus Watters(Cavan) 2-0.
Final; Comerford beat Fitzgerald 2-0. (15-10, 15-5)

Women's Novice Singles Final;
Michelle Hogan(Templederry) def Majella Haverty(Castlebar) 2-0. ( 15-10, 15-8)

Women's Open Doubles Final
Susan Neary/Bernadette Comerford(Arklow/Kilkenny) def Elma Gibney/AilishGibney (Moylagh) 2-1(15-10, 10-15. 11-0)

Men's Open Doubles Final
Noel O Callaghan/Christy Slattery (Kilkenny/Templederry) def Jimmy Gannon/Seamus Watters (Arklow/Cavan) 2-0 (15-8, 15-6)

Men's C/D Novice Doubles Final
Oliver Gibney/Paddy Traynor(Moylagh) def Paddy Kennedy/Daniel Shanahan(Templederry) 2-1

All Ireland Junior B Championships
Saturday 24th January 2004
at Kingscourt, Co Cavan

Boys Under 10's (Round Robin)
Winner:  Eoin Kearns (Touraneena)
Runner Up:  Pauric Sexton (Cavan)

Boys Under 12'singles Semi-Finals:
Daire Gargan (Kingscourt) bt Aidan Condon (Touraneena)
Joe Dillon (Kingscourt) bt Darragh Joyce (Castlebar)
Final: Daire Gargan (Kingscourt) bt Joe Dillon (Kingscourt 2-0

Boys Under 14'singles Semi-Finals : 
Damien Kellegher (Cavan) bt Sean Dalton (Touraneena)
Niall Smith (Cavan) bt Marcus Sheridan (Cavan)
Final; Damien Kelleghar (Cavan) bt Niall Smith (Cavan) 2-0

Boys Under 16'singles Semi-Finals
Patrick Brady (Cavan) bt Liam Joyce (Castlebar)
Kieran Clarke (Kingscourt) bt Liam Cooke (Cavan)
Final:  Patrick Brady (Cavan) bt Kieran Clarke (Kingscourt) 2-0

Girls Under 12'singles Semi-Finals :
Sheree Clarke (Kingscourt) bt Katie Kenny (Castlebar)
Clodagh McManaman (Newport) bt  Eimear Gill (Ballinrobe)
Final: Sheree Clarke (Kingscourt) bt  Clodagh McManaman (Newport) 2-1

Girls Under 14'singles Semi-Finals : 
Catherine McManaman (Newport) bt Therese Langan (Castlebar)
Donna Ryder (Newport) bt Jane Concannon (Newport)
Final: Donna Ryder (Newport) bt Catherine McManaman (Newport)2-0

Girls Under 16'singles Semi-Finals :
Noelle Clarke (Kingscourt) bt Leonie Karbery (Kingscourt)
Bernice Clarke (Kingscourt) bt Mary Louise Gargan (Kingscourt)
Final: Noelle Clarke (Kingscourt) bt Bernice Clarke (Kingscourt) 2-0

Leinster Open
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th January 2004
At Aura Sports & Leisure Centre, Arklow, Co Wicklow

Men's Open Singles Semi Finals::
Noel O Callaghan (Kilkenny) def Joe Farrell (Arklow) 2-0, Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) def Anthony Butler (Clones) 2-0
Final; Gannon def Callaghan, 2-1

Women's Open Singles Semi Finals::
Geraldine Byrne (Arklow) def Susan Neary (Arklow)  2-1, Elma Gibney (Moylagh) def Bernadette Comerford (Kilkenny) 2-1
Final; Gibney def Byrne, 2-1

Men's B/C Singles Semi Finals:
Adam Neary (Arklow) beat Michael Murphy (Arklow) 2-0, Vincent Fitzgerald (Arklow) beat Larry Byrne (Arklow) 2-0
Final; Neary def Fitzgerald 2-0

Men's D/Novice Singles Semi Finals:
Niall Barnes (Arklow) def Pat Conroy (NUIGalway) 2-0, Pat Brown(Oldtown) def D Lawlor 2-1
Final; Brown def Barnes 2-1

Women's Open Doubles Semi Finals:
Susan Neary/Bernadette Comerford(Arklow/Kilkenny) def Elma Gibney/Ailish Gibney (Moylagh) 2-0, Charlotte Vigors/Rosemary Redmond def Josie Bolger/Geraldine Byrne(/Arklow) 2-1
Final; Neary/Comerford def Vigors/Redmond, 2-1

Mens Open Doubles Semi Finals:
Joe Farrell/Adam Neary(Arklow) def  Noel O Callaghan/Larry Byrne (Kilkenny/Arklow) 2-1, Jimmy Gannon/Lar Byrne (Arklow) def Anthony Butler/Gary Lynch (Clones/Queens,Belfast) 2-0
Final; Farrell/Neary beat Gannon/Byrne 2-0

Men's 40+ Singles Semi Finals:
Vincent Fitzgerald(Arklow) def James Mc Garvey (Oldtown) 2-1, John Comerford (Kilkenny) def Michael Murphy (Arklow) 2-0.
Final; Comerford beat Fitzgerald 2-0

Men's C/D Novice Doubles Semi Finals:
John Fitzgerald/Tony Neary(Arklow) beat Ger Redmond/David Healy(Arklow/ ) 2-0, John Comerford/Niall Barnes(Kilkenny/Arklow) def Brian Byrne/Colm O Regan (Arklow) 2-0
Final; Fitzgerald/Neary def Comerford/Barnes 2-1.

All Ireland Junior Championships
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December 2003
At Fermoy, Co Cork

Boys Under 11 semi-finals
- Barry Healy (Ballinrobe) beat Shane Dineen (Kilnamartyra)
Sean Conran (Fermoy) beat Barry Sheridan (Ballinrobe)
Final - Healy beat Conran 2-1

Boys Under 13 semi-finals - Martin Clarke (Castlebar) beat Jonathan O Keeney (Fermoy)
Eanna Power (Touraneena) beat Sean Dalton (Touraneena)
Final - Clarke beat Power 2-0

Boys Under 15 semi-finals - Padraig White (Rossmore) beat Johnny Mc Carthy (Fermoy)
Stephen Healy (Ballinrobe) beat Ruairi O Hagan (Fermoy)
Final - White beat Healy 2-0

Boys Under 17 semi-finals - Mike Haverty (Castlebar) beat Stiofan O hIarnain (Aran Islands)
Kevin Mc Namara (Castlebar) beat Kieran Golden (Castlebar)
Final - Haverty beat Mc Namara 2-0

Boys Under 21 semi-finals - Liam Hughes (Fermoy) beat Kieran Golden (Castlebar)
Triston Hickey (Touraneena) beat Mike Haverty (Castlebar)
Final - Hughes beat Hickey 2-0

Girls Under 11 semi-finals
- Gemma Cliffe (Touraneena) beat Katie Kenny (Ballinrobe)
Linda Feerick (Ballinrobe) beat Clodagh Mc Manamon (Newport)
Final - Cliffe beat Feerick 2-0

Girls Under 13 semi-finals - Majella Haverty (Castlebar) beat Gemma Cliffe (Touraneena)
Ailbhe Gill (Ballinrobe) beat Eimear Shanahan (Templederry)
Final - Haverty beat Gill 2-0

Girls Under 15 semi-finals - Katie Walsh (Ballinrobe) beat Eithne Skehan (Touraneena)
Majella Haverty (Castlebar) beat Karen Cliffe (Touraneena)
Final - Walsh beat Haverty 2-0

Girls Under 17 semi-finals - Niamh Coffey (Touraneena) beat Eileen Hickey (Touraneena)
Julie Skehan (Touraneena) beat Ailish Gibney (Moylagh)
Final - Coffey beat Skehan 2-0

Girls Under 21 semi-finals - Niamh Coffey (Touraneena) beat Ailish Gibney (Moylagh)
Helen Shanahan (Templederry) beat Julie Skehan (Touraneena)
Final - Coffey beat Shanahan 2-1

All Ireland Club Championships
Sunday 29th November 2003
At O`Loughlins Sports Centre, Kilkenny City

Men's Senior Team
Kilkenny (Noel O`Callaghan, John Comerford, Nick Malone, Don Lawlor)
Runner Up; Arklow (Joe Farrell, Adam Neary, Larry Byrne, Vincent Fitzgerald)

Women's Senior Team
Arklow( Susan Neary, Charlotte Vigors)
Runners Up; Templederry, Maura O`Doherty, Helen Shanahan, Michelle Hogan)

Ulster Open
Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th November 2003
At Kingscourt Handball & Racquetball Centre
Kingscourt, Co Cavan

Men's Open Singles
Noel O`Callaghan (O`Loughlins, Kilkenny) def Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) 12-15, 15-11, 11-5
Men's B/C Singles
Eamonn Hannon (Clones) def Gerry O`Farrell (Moylagh) 15-9, 15-1
Men's D Singles
Michael Finnegan (Kingscourt) def  Shane Laverty (Queens, Belfast) 15-1, 15-5
Men's Novice Singles
Michael Finnegan (Kingscourt) def  Joe Dillon (Kingscourt) 15-11, 15-8
Mens Over 40 Singl;es
Seamus Watters (Cavan) def Oliver Gibney (Moylagh) 15-6, 15-5
Mens Open Doubles
J Gannon/P Hanley  (Arklow/Dublin) def S O`Loan/M McConnon (Queens/Kingscourt) 15-14, 15-13
Mens C/D Novice Doubles
M Haverty/K McNamara (Castlebar) def D McKeogh/K Linehan (Ballinahinch) 5-15, 15-7, 11-7.
Womens Open Singles
Susan Neary (Arklow) def Elma Gibney (Moylagh) 15-11, 15-10
Womens Novice Singles
Noelle Clarke (Kingscourt) def Bernice Clarke (Kingscourt) 15-7, 15-4
Womens Open Doubles
B Comerford/S Neary (Kilkenny/Arklow) def E Gibney/A Gibney (Moylagh) 15-11, 15-6

Munster Open

4th & 5th October 2003
At Fermoy, Co Cork.

Men's Open Singles Semi finals;
Noel O Callaghan(Kilkenny) def Joe.Farrell(Arklow) 2-0; Jimmy Gannon(Arklow)  def  Pat Hanley (Griffiths, Dublin) 2-1
Final ; O Callaghan def  Gannon 2-0

Men's D/Novice  Singles Semi finals; 
Pa Boyce (Fermoy) def Damien McKeogh  2-0; Niall Barnes(Arklow) def Kevin Lenihan (Silvermines)  2-0
Final; Boyce def Barnes 2-0.

Men's Open Doubles Semi finals; 
Tristan Hickey & Liam Hughes(Touraneena/Fermoy) def Pa Boyce & Michael Boyce (Fermoy) 2-0
Jimmy Gannon  & Pat Hanley def Noel O Callaghan & Kevin Jennings (Kilkenny/Castlebar) 2-0
Final; Hickey & Hughes def  Gannon  & Hanley 2-0.

Men's C D/Novice Doubles Final
Mike Haverty & Kevin McNamara (Castlebar) def  Pat Keane & Niall Barnes(Touraneena/Arklow)  2-0

Boys Under 18 Singles Final;
Tristan Hickey(Touraneena) def Mike Haverty(Castlebar) 2-0

Women's Open Singles Semi finals; 
Bernadette Comerfored (Kilkenny) def Helen Shanahan (Templederry) 2-0
Susan Neary (Arklow) def  Elma Gibney(Moylagh) 2-0
Final; Neary def Comerford 2-0

Women's Open Doubles Semi finals;
B.Comerford & Jean O Flynn(Kilkenny/Fermoy) def Helen Shanahan & Niamh Coffey (Templederry/Touraneena) 2-0
Susan Neary & Elma Gibney (Arklow & Moylagh) def  Maura O Doherty & Julie Skeehan (Templederry/Touraneena) 2-0
Final; Comerford & O Flynn def Neary & Gibney 2-0

Women's D/Novice Singles Semi finals; 
Mairead Hickey(Touraneena) def Mairead Ryan(Rossmore)2-0
Eileen Hickey(Touraneena)  def  Julie Skeehan (Touraneena) 2-1
Final ; M Hickey def E.Hickey 2-0